Increased Transparency with Parents

A student’s success comes as a result of teamwork and effort between the student, their teacher and parents. There’s data to prove that a child with a parent who remains involved in their academic progress has a higher chance of academic success and this underlines just how important a parent’s role is. Not all parents have the time for all this though, and that’s why it’s paramount to have a software system that feeds the student’s report and progress to the parent from anywhere and can be accessed at any time.

SkooLite can be accessed on a wide range of devices from smartphones, tablets, laptops as well as desktops making it highly convenient for everyone involved. This means parents are never too far away when it comes to their children’s academic progress and with a few clicks can check on them.

The quality and importance of data provided on the portal is just as important and this is why all the important stuff has been given top priority when it comes to what is provided on the portal. This information includes attendance tracking, record of fee payment, performance grading for exams and parents meetings.

Onto the big question, how will all that be achieved?

The system comes with a parent’s portal in which parents can log in using their children’s registration number and a password of choice for security purposes. All the aforementioned information on the student is stored here making life incredibly easy for parents. This also makes the communication between teachers and parents easier as the parent already has a good assessment of their child.