Skoolite app for teachers

Teachers can monitor students’ progress and class activities from both within and out of the school premises. The system is accessible to teachers via their mobile phones with the mobile app compatible with a range of portable and accessible devices. Through it they’re able to complete a variety of tasks.

This provides a wealth of information on teacher’s activities in school and this is something that can be positively used to achieve better results. The software provides data on a teacher’s class schedule, details regarding class timing, student’s academic progress and classroom activities.

Apart from providing information on teachers, the software gives teachers control on their students and lessens their workload in several ways. These include;Monitoring and registration of notes, remarks, incidents and actions( Educational CRM) Managing records of exams, assessments, grades and academic progress Providing official grade reports Keeping records of absences, attendance and behavior Communicating student data to parents or other persons authorized by the student through the portal or via EMAIL, SMS / push notification.

These are all important activities necessary for the smooth running of the school. The Mobile App means that teachers can keep track of their students’ progress through depth analysis of the data provided. This way, the teacher is always close to the students and can still work on class matters even without being physically present. Download skooLITE App