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We believe quality education is for everyone and there should not be a barrier of money. SkooLITE is a cloud-hosted deployment built on the industry’s best data centre and network architecture. It leverages a wide variety of security features, automated monitoring and reporting services to ensure we run in a stable, secure environment. This serves a purpose to ensure better educational resources that are easy to use, beautifully crafted and impactful.And we happen to help in making a great education system.

The process is easy and intuitive once you have registered with us. Simply choose a plan suitable for your school, we also offer advice and insights as needed to ensure you maximize the benefits we offer to you. Simply provide us with students particularly with their respective subjects, next is Teachers information with subjects. We even go an extra mile to migrate your data from your previous system.

SkooLITE provides a valuable engagement opportunity to get onboard. We help your school to define and understand the platform and how it fits with streamilining your school operations. We have crafted our platforms to provide clear action steps needed to accomplish during each phase of interaction and provide support mechanisms where needed.

For your long-term success, we are available to ensure that your asset management strategy remains effective as your business evolves. We have a clearly defined multilevel data access hierarchy, roles such as school administrator, teachers and students gives a flexible access to organizations data according to their responsibilities. SkooLITE platforms are regularly updated to scale as your school grows.High teacher turnover and disengagement has been shown to significantly reduce student achievement, so optimize our platforms that play an integral part to ensure retaining the best teachers for your students, and keeping those teachers engaged in their students’ education.