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The platform takes care of all the important details and works in such a way so as to give everyone involved an easy time. The benefits are enjoyed from the very top of management i.e. the head teacher/principal all the way down to the student. The management system gives priority to the user types listed below.Teacher – Time (Reduce time spent on non-teaching activities)School Administrator – Intense Operation of the daily activities without errors and bottlenecksPrincipal / Academic Head – Discipline and Academic Goals of the organizationSchool Directors – Various reports for decision makingStudents/Learners – LearningParents – Safety of kids and communication with teachers

Secure Access

Roles are clearly defined and stipulated with the system designed to reduce the workload on the different stakeholders in the school. The same is true for the head teacher/principal who can monitor the school’s activities with access given to all areas including teacher performance, student’s progress and all other departments of the school including school calendar and timetables. This makes it easier for the head teacher to manage and control the school’s activities and resources in order to achieve the set objectives.

Teacher / Trainer

The teacher gets access to all the students’ records which is helpful in organizing and analyzing student performance. The system conducts student’s attendance daily and maintains the monthly/yearly attendance record. Complete students and teachers attendance details are stored in the database so finding the attendance record is not difficult. This makes it easy for the head to monitor the school’s activities.

SMS notification to Parents

The use of electronic messages and reminders ensures that information can be passed around to all other users. Notices regarding latest events, fee updates, examinations, co-curricular activities can all be spread through the SkooLite software making it convenient for many different situations.