Frequently Asked Questions

What is SkooLITE?

SkooLITE is “The Ultimate School E.R.P”, We have over 6 years
of experience in delivering Software solutions to Institutions

Who is SkooLITE designed for?

SkooLITE caters for a wide range of Curricula and is designed to suite 8-4-4, GCSE and customizable for any other with special request.

How do you protect our data?

SkooLITE is a cloud-hosted deployment built on the industry’s best data center and network architecture. It leverages a wide variety of security features, automated monitoring and reporting services to ensure we run in a stable, secure environment.

How do I get started?

Set up a free demo and talk to use about your specific requirements. Once you register, We can also set up a free, no commitment trail for you.

What do i need to get started?

During implementation we shall consider a number of things like:
User training, Data Migration,Specific Customizations.
For Data Migration, we recommend the use Excel to export data.

Do you offer training and support?

We have help material which is embedded in your application as well as a knowledge base. Our support team is also available to answer any questions and will guide you through your implementation. We also provide emergency phone support.

How does SkooLITE pricing work?

We charge a fixed subscription rate per active student with no other costs. This includes User training, support & standard data import. Parent, teacher and staff accounts are free. There is a charge per SMS if you decide to use our communication platform.

What happens to the information when the scholastic year is rolled-over?

All historical data is kept and none of it is deleted. Access is still guaranteed to all the relevant users have access to their data.

Is student information kept over the years?

Yes , it is easily accessible and secure. You can see the history of a student from the moment they join till they leave.

Can teachers view confidential information?

Security can be configured to your specific requirements. It is up to you to decide who can view or edit what information.

How can I pay for the subscription?

We accept payment via bank transfer.