Accessibility from anywhere

There’s so much that can be done with our computers, tablets and smartphones. It’s no different in education especially when you can access your work remotely at any time of the day. This positively impacts the productivity of Trainers by increasing their working time regardless of their location. SkooLITE delivers as a whole package

The school administrators have access to all the dates, records and information needed which makes it easier for them to perform their duties and plan for future events. The daily activities are therefore run smoothly and with the body of work available for reference and counter checking, errors are significantly minimised.

The school directors can accurately assess the school’s progress and activities from their end too. They have access to reports from the Principal and can use the platform to write their own reports that can be used for future decisions.

The Principal has access to all students’ files and records. His/her access also extends to staff’s progress including their attendance, duties and performance in their respective areas. For teachers this is performance of students in subjects taught and classes they’re assigned to.The head can also monitor other departments outside class and track the school’s transport system. This involves the assigning of school buses and other vehicles in the school’s control.

The students are not left out either as they have their own portal which contains all the important material for their academic progress. They can check their exam performance, fee status and the school calendar.

The fact that parents have a direct line of communication with teachers and can monitor their children’s progress ensures that any changes in student behavioural patterns can be quickly pointed out. Students’ activities are closely monitored and every student is accounted for in the system with their files constantly updated with latest information.

Teachers serve as perhaps one of the best examples of remote access in education. They have a Skoolite app which is compatible with a wide range of devices from where they have all student records and can plan their work from. The software takes care of many tasks including generation of reports, keeping track of students attendance and assignments. This has the added advantage of leaving the teachers with more time to handle the more human aspect of their work interacting with the students.